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LiteraturePosted by Kuro Mon, May 30, 2016 13:44:11
Hi there!

I was on the road for the whole month, hitting Leipzig and Berlin, dancing, laughing and enjoying life but now I'm back with a very special announcement. Kuros art is not only available in books and form of photographies - right now you can also listen to one of my short stories!
Last autumn I took part in a writing competition of a Swiss project called "Clue Writing" and it turned out that I was one of the lucky winners! Part of the price was the video I'm presenting to you right now.
So all of you who speak German or study it feel free to listen and share with your friends! Of course this story will be also available as e-book download and print version to read - as all of my stories.

Kurz is the title of this project and all authors were asked to turn their interpretation of this title into a story. By the way: Kurz means short in German - a well fitting inspiration to write a short story!

Enjoy listening!


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Haunted Summer

LiteraturePosted by Kuro Thu, July 30, 2015 15:39:56
Hi there!

Today I want to tell you a little about my current work.
Seems like it's some kind of summer curse, that I often have to write spooky stories in summer. Last year I wrote "Lilien" and "Totentag" short stories which were both published in ohneohren Verlag, Vienna. I made them for a halloween book, available in October, so I had to finish them until August. But last year, it was very hot, sun was shining in all day, the kids on the kindergarden yard next to my house were playing and laughing all the time - it was not at all time for a horror story! Therefore I came up with an idea, I closed the curtains, light candles and started listening to some kind of horror music. In the end I changed a story I had written for my darling some time ago into a spooky tale and I came up with a modern ghost tale, inspired by one of my favorite songs, Tomb Lilies by Cinema Strange.

Now I'm working on another story, maybe they'll become two. The concept is based on typical horror movies, an abandoned house, thunder storms, strange happenings. The first story is kinda inspired by the movie The woman in black. I saw it some years ago and I honestly can't remember the plot in detail. I just remember the atmosphere, so I wanted to catch such horror movie mood with words. It's hard to do so I think, because movies have much more methods and stylistic devices to create tension and horror. But every movie is just a story that has to be read, to be interpreted like a written text, so I'll gonna try it the other way round now.
The second story also includes movie elements but it's more personal. Sometimes I can't sleep, I have nightmares and I feel like there's something wandering around my house at night (and sometimes also at day). I know it sounds weird, but I guess I'm a person with strong imagination (this is good if you want to be an author I think ^^), so I easily also imagine scary things. The door of my bedroom has a small glas window, so I can see the light coming in from the corridor and the other rooms. Sometimes it feels like there are shadows, maybe coming in, lurking in the dark, behind the curtain, under the bed... On one hand, I hate these nights full of fear but on the other hand, this is also some kind of inspiration. So I decided writing about nightmares and the shadow haunting me. Either it will disappear for a while after having faced it or it was a real ghost who got angry now. But since I already started the story and I'm still alive, I guess it wasn't a mad ghost so far ^^
So the story itself describes this shadow-ghost-person-whatever, I called it the "black man", a common expression for such an appearance which scares children off. Moreover it mentions Kirakishou, my favorite doll from Rozen Maiden Anime. She's dangerous and scary but also very pretty, so she's been often a model for my own clothing and arts.

Well, that's it for now. It used to be rainy and stormy in Germany for the last days, but today, the sky is clear and the sun is smiling upon my roses on the balcony... perfect time to continue some horror stories, don't you think so? smiley At least the blooming rose fits to Kirakishou...

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