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I'm showing mainly photos - not only the finished artwork but also the story and inspiration behind...

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Winter time

PhotographyPosted by Kuro Wed, January 11, 2017 14:55:06
Hi everyone!

Finally there's a new upload *yay*
Well, you know, I'm a lazy bone xD I tried to upload some pics on my new facebook artist page since more people check fb than my local page - but I needed a break, social media can be very exhausting and sometimes quite overwhelming for a shy person like me.
Moreover I'm spending more time with making music than taking photos these days. My dream came true and I was able to afford a harp smiley
There will be harp photos, for sure, but to get a good shot of her (her name is Brighid btw.) I have to purchase some more equipment to build up my tiny photo studio at home.

Instead I have a heavenly winter shot for you today. It suits my mood very well...

Just want to sleep and rest and sink into the ground - remain frozen until the first sun ray of spring kisses me and brings me to life again...

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PhotographyPosted by Kuro Wed, July 13, 2016 18:15:57

Today I finished some of my Midsummer photos, so I hope you like them.

As a Pagan, Midsummer Eve is always a special day for me to celebrate, to be happy and to enjoy Mother Nature's beauty - and that's what I wanted to express with these photos: some kind of magic, the feeling that every being in this world is connected and the joy of being alive.

I hope you can feel alive today! Enjoy summer and be happy and healthy!

A friend of mine asked me to add more technical details of the photos, so I'll try to do so in the future.

All these photos were taken with Nikon D810, 85mm lens, f2,5 to 2,8, ISO 200 since it was a summer day with few clouds.

If you have further questions about the setting feel free to ask! Drop me a line via e-mail or facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KuroKunstOfficial/


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27th May

PhotographyPosted by Kuro Mon, May 30, 2016 14:19:19
It's me - again ^^

After having been lazy for some time I finally have some new photos to share with you!

It's May, in Germany considered to be the merry month since normally the climate in May is very enjoyable, it's getting warm but not too hot yet, strawberries start to grow on the fields and trees and bushes and many flowers are in full bloom now. Therefore it's also the month in which many people are getting married.

According to this I want to show you some of my wedding-related photos today and also one of my favorite piano songs. As you might now I love modern piano music and Yiruma from South Korea is one of my favorite contemporary composers. He also made a song, called 27th May because it's his wedding day and he dedicated this piece to his wife and the merry feeling of this day.


I hope you're getting as happy as me when listening to his beautiful music, full of warmth and love for your true love.
Indeed the wedding day it's a special day - so be always happy!

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The Essence of Life

PhotographyPosted by Kuro Tue, March 01, 2016 15:22:59
Hi there!

Recently I was thinking about what's really important in life ^.^ I guess I feel quite philosophical from time to time...

Of course I came up with some people, values and comforts of modern life I don't want to miss but this time I want to show you something else - one simple thing we got used to in our modern western society so we often forget how important it is for all of us.
It's water - the essence of life that allows us living on our beautiful planet.

So this post is dedicated to the beauty of water.
Raindrops, fragil and evanescent
Ice, that teaches us patiences, consistent but never built to last
And a misty lake, so peaceful and relaxing

Water is surrounding us in many different forms, in our body, in the bottle right next to us and in natures manifold beauty.
So if you're reading this, you might take a deep breath, take a break from whatever you're doing right now and think of the things and beloved ones, that are really important to you - and maybe you will appreciate the Cola can in your fridge even more.

Have a beautiful week!
Yours, Kuro

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Christmas Market I

PhotographyPosted by Kuro Wed, January 27, 2016 19:04:36

I know this post is very very late, I'm really sorry but as far as you know, I wasn't able to blog during Christmas market season.

I know that German Christmas market is popular all over the world and many of you are curious about it.
Honestly I didn't like Christmas season when I was younger, Christmas market rather scared me off with all the crowded streets, people getting drunk, the smell of warm alcohol and sausages floating the city.
But when I moved to Hannover, I learned that Christmas market can also be beautiful. Meeting friends, looking for gifts and watching all the colorful stalls and craftsmanship, seeing the illuminations and even eating candy suddenly became an event I was looking forward to.

To share the impressions of Hannovers Christmas market with you, I took my camera with me. Today I'm presenting the first part of my pics.

Recently it became very popular to have "medieval markets" in Germany, so many cities offer a 'normal' Christmas market and a medieval one in the old town part, as Hannover does, as well. They play bag pipe music, offer Met (a liquor made from honey) and other special drinks and food, sell medieval-styled goods like Celtic jewellery, fancy clothes or hand-made wooden crafts. It's a spectacular you mustn't miss!

Enjoy! :-)

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Beautiful winter

PhotographyPosted by Kuro Thu, January 21, 2016 17:09:21
Hi there!

At the end of December we visited my mum who lives in the Black Forest. Of course we took many photos and enjoyed the beautiful view on the mountains.
Therefore I want to share some photos of the sunset and the gorgeous winter sky with you this time.

By the way, all photos aren't manipulated, I only adjusted the size for uploading - because the beauty of nature does not need any manipulation.


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Happy New Year!!!

PhotographyPosted by Kuro Wed, January 20, 2016 19:51:05
I wish you a (belated) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Be always happy, healthy and blessed by good luck!

Unfortunately my computer was broken for almost 4 weeks so I wasn't able to send you my New Year wishes earlier.
Anyway, have a good time!

PS: Photos were taken at Hannover's annual fireworks competition which is held in summer. So if you're visiting Hannover, check it out!

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Gothica II

PhotographyPosted by Kuro Sun, December 06, 2015 15:36:50
This is a very simple manipulation I made last week.

As you know, many of my photos and artworks refer to my stories and poems or are inspired by music I like. This picture might be related to all of them, to my story "Totentag" as well as to my poem "Liebesbrief an einen lange Verstorbenen" but mainly it's inspired by the amazing artwork by Victoria Francés, a very talented Spanish artist (some of you may know her) I liked for many years. She did not only inspire my clothing style for a while but also made me dream of lost souls and immortal love.
I always wanted to be able to create images like her - but since I'm not good at drawing, I actually had to wait until I could afford a camera. This is my first try of a ghost bride, a damned soul waiting for love and relief - it's not perfect but I will keep on trying to get better and better and with every small step I take, I will be allowed to offer you better pictures.
Thanks for supporting me and being with me all the time.
Have a nice weekend :-)

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Gothica I

PhotographyPosted by Kuro Fri, November 27, 2015 19:39:49

It's been a while since I posted something for you. Honestly I have quite many pics I'd like to show you but I recently lack the time to upload as much I want to.

Nevertheless I'm very very happy to start my "Gothic Series" today.
As you know I'm into all this Gothic Arts stuff, abandoned places, enchanted forests, ruins, old graveyards, churches, castles and - of course - also Gothic princesses, Victorian lords, ghosts, vampires and everything which is beautiful but also a little eerie at the same time.
I guess besides nature photography (which I try to present almost as it's taken), Gothic-styled pics and portraits are my passion and also good for improving my manipulations.

Unfortunately I don't have many models for my people shootings, you maybe will see many self-portraits of me at the first place - I'm sorry annoying you with my dull face...

So if someone feels like having a nice shooting with me (for free, of course), feel free to contact me. You can find my mail address on my website www.kuro-kunst.de

Once again in German: Models für TfP Shootings gesucht, egal ob Gothic oder einfaches Portrait! Gerne nachfragen, meine Mail Adresse findet ihr auf meiner Website!

Thanks for being with me this time.
Have a nice weekend!

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Nocturnal romance

PhotographyPosted by Kuro Thu, October 29, 2015 21:44:36

I'm sorry for having not been here for a while, I was quite busy..
Today I want to show you a drawing I made, it's inspired by the artwork of dear Aelathen, once again, which she made for Adrian von Ziegler's song "Midnight Dancers". I liked the atmosphere of this image so much, so I decided to try to make my own version of it. It's a very simple drawing but I tried some key techniques like using tree filters, so it was a good experience for me.
I went to Schneverdingen few weeks ago, which is a small town in Lüneburger Heide, a beautiful and unique landscape near my home. Of course I took many photos there and I also want to create some gothic/autumn stock as soon as the weather is getting better (it's currently very misty here in Germany so the quality of the photos might suffer from the everlasting twilight). Hopefully I can show you some of these pics and what I made from it soon. Until Christmas I might be very busy but maybe I can use the holidays to take some more photos smiley
Have a spooky but happy Halloween or Samhain!

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PhotographyPosted by Kuro Sat, October 03, 2015 21:28:51
Hey guys!

Do you remember the cute little frog I showed you in my last post?
It turned out that he's a very special one, he's the Frog King, wearing a brazen crown because with this photo, I won my very first photography contest, it was placed third by the jury and of course I'm very happy about that!
I hope I can continue working as an artist and I hope many people will like my pics smiley

The contest was hold by Natur und Kultur Woezer See e.V., which is a association to present and protect the region Woezer See, a nice lake landscape in Eastern Germany. They were looking for photos of animals living naturally around lakes in Germany and Northern Europe.

By the way, it's National Day in Germany today, so I had time to relax.
Next time I will show you one more drawing I made with my tablet, so hang on and have a beautiful weekend wherever you are!

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PhotographyPosted by Kuro Sun, September 13, 2015 16:25:19
Berggarten is a beautiful botanical garden in Hannover.
I often go there to see all the gorgeous flowers and animals. The garden changes with the seasons, every month new flowers start blooming, so it's never boring there! Honestly taking photos of animals is a little sensation - it's so exciting because they can move every second before you caught them on camera. It's somehow like hunting - but nobody gets hurt!
This time I want to show you some pics I took in July. If you have the chance to visit Hannover in spring or summer I really recommend you going there!
I hope you also like the pics of the animals, I was so incredible lucky to see the dragonflies - ok, I must admit maybe it was impolite to take photos while they were doing intimate things... xD But the photo was worth it!
I didn't manipulate these photos except for one because the pure beauty of nature needs no correction.
Have a great weekend!

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