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This Blog is dedicated to all my friends, the people who support me and want to be a part of my life.
I'm showing mainly photos - not only the finished artwork but also the story and inspiration behind...

Feel free to leave a comment, your opinion helps me a lot to improve and encourages me to continue my work.
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Lifestyle/MiscPosted by Kuro Sat, July 18, 2015 13:46:26
Hi everyone!

Today I start my new Blog and I hope you will enjoy everything I'll share with you in the next months and years.
I decided to start this Blog for two reasons: first of all, I do not want to publish things via facebook and show personal things there, because I just don't like this institution and their privacy policy. So I had to choose an other solution which ended up as this blog you're reading now.
The second reason is, that my personal homepage www.kuro-kunst.de is rather for business stuff, it's mainly presenting my work to publishing houses and colleagues. But there are also many happenings in my private life I want to share with you.
Since I'm from Germany, my business website is written in German, of course, because I mainly deal with German speaking publishers. But I also want show my work to people from all over the world, so I decided to write this Blog in English and you all can be part of it. Since English is not my first language, I hope you can pardon some mistakes.

Whenever I make a new discovery I will share it with you.
Seeing the world through the lens of my camera is pure magic! So let me enchant you :-)

This site will be mainly about photography, taking and manipulating photos is, besides of writing, my greatest passion.
I just can't imagine one day without being creative, I need art like the air to breath.
Many photos are inspired by my stories and the other way round, so I will also sometimes tell you about the process of writing.

Have a good time!
Cheers, love, sun and fun!

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