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LiteraturePosted by Kuro Mon, May 30, 2016 13:44:11
Hi there!

I was on the road for the whole month, hitting Leipzig and Berlin, dancing, laughing and enjoying life but now I'm back with a very special announcement. Kuros art is not only available in books and form of photographies - right now you can also listen to one of my short stories!
Last autumn I took part in a writing competition of a Swiss project called "Clue Writing" and it turned out that I was one of the lucky winners! Part of the price was the video I'm presenting to you right now.
So all of you who speak German or study it feel free to listen and share with your friends! Of course this story will be also available as e-book download and print version to read - as all of my stories.

Kurz is the title of this project and all authors were asked to turn their interpretation of this title into a story. By the way: Kurz means short in German - a well fitting inspiration to write a short story!

Enjoy listening!


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