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27th May

PhotographyPosted by Kuro Mon, May 30, 2016 14:19:19
It's me - again ^^

After having been lazy for some time I finally have some new photos to share with you!

It's May, in Germany considered to be the merry month since normally the climate in May is very enjoyable, it's getting warm but not too hot yet, strawberries start to grow on the fields and trees and bushes and many flowers are in full bloom now. Therefore it's also the month in which many people are getting married.

According to this I want to show you some of my wedding-related photos today and also one of my favorite piano songs. As you might now I love modern piano music and Yiruma from South Korea is one of my favorite contemporary composers. He also made a song, called 27th May because it's his wedding day and he dedicated this piece to his wife and the merry feeling of this day.


I hope you're getting as happy as me when listening to his beautiful music, full of warmth and love for your true love.
Indeed the wedding day it's a special day - so be always happy!

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