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Winter time

PhotographyPosted by Kuro Wed, January 11, 2017 14:55:06
Hi everyone!

Finally there's a new upload *yay*
Well, you know, I'm a lazy bone xD I tried to upload some pics on my new facebook artist page since more people check fb than my local page - but I needed a break, social media can be very exhausting and sometimes quite overwhelming for a shy person like me.
Moreover I'm spending more time with making music than taking photos these days. My dream came true and I was able to afford a harp smiley
There will be harp photos, for sure, but to get a good shot of her (her name is Brighid btw.) I have to purchase some more equipment to build up my tiny photo studio at home.

Instead I have a heavenly winter shot for you today. It suits my mood very well...

Just want to sleep and rest and sink into the ground - remain frozen until the first sun ray of spring kisses me and brings me to life again...

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