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Christmas is coming

Lifestyle/MiscPosted by Kuro Sun, November 29, 2015 23:31:03

This time the topic is not related to photography it's just about Christmas because I guess some of you are quite curious about Christmas season in Germany and some traditions.
As you might know, the four Sundays before Christmas are called "Adventssonntag" in Germany. Advent originally is Latin means something like "soon to come". In the past, the arrival of Jesus Christ on earth was the happy event people were waiting for. Today religious issues are often not the main focus of Christmas time anymore - instead people are looking forward to Christmas Eve as a day they spend with their family, with a nice dinner and kids of course are looking forward to their gifts.
Well, I'm not a religious person, too. When I was a child, Christmas was just awesome but as I grew up, it became quite meaningless for me since my family is small, so I was just looking forward to the holidays ^^
But as I got married, family became more important for me, as every year I will spend some nice days with my in-laws and I also wish to give my husband some kind of "magical feelings" you experience as a child, the feeling of being loved and having a haven, a loving family and also the excitement for Christmas Eve. Therefore I started making an "Adventskalender" for him. "Adventskalender" is a calendar with 24 units, counting the time from the beginning of December until Christmas, which is celebrated the 24th of December in Germany. The units are usually 24 small gifts to shorten the time until you'll get the big presents by Santa ^^
Conventionally the small gifts are candy or chocolate but these days "Adventskalender" with all kinds of fillings are available so they can also contain toys, the ones for adults sometimes contain tea, poems or things related to a hobby. You can buy all kinds of calendars in every department store in Germany but you can also make individual ones on your own. There are even calendars for pets - in my opinion this is weird since animals don't know about Christmas and always like goodies - but many Germans prefer having a puppy than a child so for these guys it might be logical to treat a pet as a person.
I might have written too much yet, sorry - I guess I like explaining things. Anyway, in the photo you can see this years calendar for my husband. I didn't have a lot of time to tinker this year, so the gifts (he also likes chocolate!) are wrapped in colorful napkins with Christmas design and fixed to a cord with clothes pins. This was a fast and not so expensive solution and after he opened the bag he can use the napkin for dinner so it's not such a big waste of material.
I hope you liked my explanations and the photo!
During Christmas season I will tell you about other topics, of course so if you have a question, feel free to ask.
Good night, talk to you soon!

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