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PhotographyPosted by Kuro Sat, October 03, 2015 21:28:51
Hey guys!

Do you remember the cute little frog I showed you in my last post?
It turned out that he's a very special one, he's the Frog King, wearing a brazen crown because with this photo, I won my very first photography contest, it was placed third by the jury and of course I'm very happy about that!
I hope I can continue working as an artist and I hope many people will like my pics smiley

The contest was hold by Natur und Kultur Woezer See e.V., which is a association to present and protect the region Woezer See, a nice lake landscape in Eastern Germany. They were looking for photos of animals living naturally around lakes in Germany and Northern Europe.

By the way, it's National Day in Germany today, so I had time to relax.
Next time I will show you one more drawing I made with my tablet, so hang on and have a beautiful weekend wherever you are!

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